The prices named below are the rule of thumb. Depending on the complexity and design choices they could be more or less, so feel free to ask us further questions for an estimate!

Simple banners 10–17€
Intricate banners 20–35€

Stream overlays 35–50€

Advertisements 20–80€
Posters etc. 50–120€


Stream packages starting at 90€.

Website concepts starting at 120€. Please message us for a quota.

Simple text logo 40€
Standard logo 90€

Esports logo 120€
Illustrated 120–180€
Pre-sketched logo
(you already have a clear enough sketch and idea) 50–80€

Illustration 70–90€
Animated 100+€
Emote/badge 30€

All works include 3 revisions for free. Half of the named price will be paid before the actual design process, either over a PayPal invoice or Ko-Fi. The remaining payment will be transferred after the customer is satisfied with the design. The customer will receive the files for the commission once the payment has been verified. All rights of the designs belong to Dianthus Design, unless stated otherwise or the customer has paid for the rights. If the customer wishes to use the designs created by Dianthus Design for merchandise a proper contract for design revenue has to be made.